Hornets desperately need Paul to stay

Due to the free agent sweepstakes this summer, stars under contract had a quiet off-season.  However, one of them is now garnering attention.  According to one source New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul recently asked to be traded from the team.

When Hornets representatives meet with Paul tomorrow morning, it’s imperative they persuade him into staying.  Teams in which Paul is supposedly interested in include the Knicks and Magic.  Paul’s motives for pursuing a trade are because he feels management isn’t putting forth its best effort in making the Hornets better.

Chris Paul is not satisfied with the current Hornets roster

The Hornets themselves have said they have no intentions of trading Paul.  With that being said, I can understand his frustration.  The past two seasons the Hornets have traded away their best big man in Tyson Chandler, and fired Coach Byron Scott.  If New Orleans does end up trading Paul, they will likely get some young talent, but it’s hard to imagine the players the Hornets acquire will equal the value of Chris Paul.

I could definitely see Paul in New York playing alongside Amare Stoudemire.  Because of his injury last season, I think people have forgotten just how good he is.  Talented players like Chris Paul are very rare.  At just 25, he still has the prime of his career to look forward to.  For these reasons, the Hornets should do everything they can to keep him, while prospective teams should throw everything they have at New Orleans to attain Paul.

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