Yao Ming on the verge of potential retirement

As if the Houston Rockets luck couldn’t get any worse, well it has.  For half a decade they struggled with keeping the tandem of Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming healthy.  The two never played an entire season together at full strength, and only twice were they both able to play in the postseason as a duo.

Half of that problem is gone in McGrady, now the franchise player is in major doubt of whether he wants to continue his career.  The timing of this is detrimental because had Yao retired a few months ago, Houston would’ve had more cap space to sign one of the big free agents this summer.

Yao Ming has been plagued by injuries his whole career

Yao, who turns 30 in September didn’t sound very optimistic about his future as a basketball player.

“If the foot injury does not heal next season, I might choose to call it quits,” he said.

Everyone knows how passionate Yao was a couple years ago when he was in trouble of missing the 2008 Olympics in Beijing due to injury.  Now, he has come out and said he has probably played his final game for the Chinese National Team.  This makes me think his future in the NBA is in serious question.  Yao seemingly put his country before the Rockets.  And the fact that he is contemplating retiring from International play, has to be a scary thought in a place once known as “clutch city”.

Even if Yao is going to play this season at close to full strength, his minutes will be limited, hence the signing of big man Brad Miller.  Look for Yao to play around 35 a game.  To be a superstar in this league I just don’t see how you can play less than 40 minutes a night.

It appears with a healthy Yao, the Rockets have the pieces to make a deep run in the Western Conference.  Especially now that players like Amare Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer have left the Suns and Jazz respectively.  However, as a Houston fan myself, it worries me that our chances to play great basketball rely on the health of one player rather than the team itself on the court.

2 Responses to Yao Ming on the verge of potential retirement

  1. cheneetot08 says:

    Devastation and heart breaking news for all Rockets fans. Yao was one of the key players on his team and it would be really sad to see him exit like this. Specially at a young point in his career.

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