NBA Power Rankings (1-15)


written by Tyler Merritt

With the NBA season now in full swing, the defending champs have put their stamp on the league yet again, the Hornets have surprised the league with a quick start, and Miami has growing pains.

Take a look at the top 15 teams in the NBA:

  1. Lakers (8-1) – The defending champs took a back seat to the TMZ show going on in Miami this offseason but took no time re-asserting their dominance.
  2. Hornets (7-0) – Chris Paul and first year head coach Monty Williams have the Hornets off to their best start in franchise history.
  3. Celtics (7-2) – Rajon Rondo continues to play at an elite level. They’ve beaten the Heat twice now, but have still dropped two games.
  4. Spurs (6-1) – The big 3 aren’t getting any younger, but their bench sure is. They’ve moved Manu into the starting lineup and Richard Jefferson is playing like the old RJ.
  5. Magic (5-2) – They were stomped by Miami early and let one slip away against Utah. They’ll need Jameer Nelson to take the next step if they hope to be a contender.
  6. Mavericks (5-2) – The Mavs are off to the same start as always. They’re undefeated on the road, but will need more contribution from Caron Butler and Jason Kidd.
  7. Jazz (5-3) – They’ve come back from huge deficits in their past 3 games on good teams. Let’s not forget though, they played bad enough to be down by that much too.
  8. Heat (5-4) – The Heat haven’t found their rhythm on offense, but they are playing strong defense and will continue to beat teams off of pure star power.
  9. Bulls (4-3) – Joakim Noah looks stronger and is making a large presence early this year. Look for them to get a big boost when Carlos Boozer gets back and up to speed.
  10. Trailblazers (6-3) – They’ve won big and lost big this season. They’ll need LaMarcus Aldridge to become a 20-10 player and Brandon Roy to start distributing the ball more.
  11. Hawks (6-3) – They ran through easy opponents to start, but have dropped three straight. Joe Johnson has more money but is giving less production. They have 6 guys averaging 10-plus points per game.
  12. Thunder (4-3) – They’ll beat a good team and lose to a bad one. They’re still young and looking for consistency. James Hardin is struggling early.
  13. Nuggets (5-4) – Despite an upset star player, they are still fighting and just had a big fourth quarter comeback on the Lakers.
  14. Warriors (6-3) – They lack depth, but Monte Ellis is playing at an all-star level.
  15. Pacers (3-3) – Danny Granger is coming off a superstar performance, but the Pacers still lack consistency. Look for them to be in a race for the 7th or 8th seed come season end.

Note: The Hornets, Spurs, and Mavericks are each a league best 3-0 on the road.

The Rockets will not be a threat in the Western Conference until they split ties with Yao Ming.

A healthy Spurs team could be the biggest threat to the Lakers throne when the playoffs arrive. Greg Popovich will rest his stars throughout the season and give his young bench a chance to establish themselves.

Why TCU should not play in the BCS title game

As always, we love dissent in the sports world. Here is one of our contributor’s thoughts on TCU

written by Tyler Merritt

It appears after a win over Utah and an Alabama loss at LSU, the team in waiting for a BCS title shot is clearly TCU. It appears the media has accepted TCU as a serious title contender now that Alabama has two losses. But why?

Let’s step back for a minute…tap the brakes on this TCU bandwagon and look at some facts. The facts are in the schedule. I know, same ol’ same ol’ argument. I myself got tired of it. So let’s take a different approach. We’ll evaluate the teams that are their “key wins” for what they are by looking at the numbers. Their top four wins are Oregon State, Baylor, Air Force, and most notably Utah. I’ll start from the beginning:

Oregon St: For starters, their 4-4. They don’t even have a winning record. Out of those four wins, one was over Louisville by seven and another over ASU (4-5) by three. This would be comparative to LSU beating Mississippi State. You wouldn’t even look at the final because you know they’ll win.

Oregon States national rankings in Points for and Points Against are: 59th and 65th respectively.
They just flat out are NOT IMPRESSIVE.

Baylor: Who is this Baylor team? I’ll admit this Baylor isn’t the same Baylor that has been getting curb stopped for years by everyone in the Big 12. They’ve got a very talented dual-threat quarterback in Robert Griffin who can cause a headache for a lot of teams. Baylor also boasts an impressive 7-3 record which includes wins over ONE…ONE team with a winning record (Kansas State). Put the “bear paws” back down Baylor, you’re still Baylor.

Air Force: STOP… just STOP. If you thought Air force’s ranking earlier this season was legit, then I guess you still think OJ’s innocent, that Mike Vick loves dogs, and the Cowboys still got a shot at the playoffs. They’re 6-4 overall and 3-3 in the coveted MWC. That’s enough about that.

Which leads me to Utah; TCU’s eye opening blowout victory on the road against the #5 team in the country. This is my favorite part!

UTAH: The Ute’s had walked their way through the season up until they met TCU. They opened with an OT victory over Pitt (whose most notable victory is Syracuse), and then followed by stomping the teams who followed. These teams were:
UNLV (1-8): 115th points for 115th points against
New Mexico (1-8): 114th points for 118th points against
San Jose State (1-8): 120th points for 102nd points against
Iowa State (5-5): 79th points for 85th points against
Wyoming (2-8): 113th points for 97th points against
Colorado State (3-7): 107th points for 98th points against
Air Force (6-4): See Above for thoughts

TCU has had years of chances to schedule strong out of conference opponents, and have been too cowardly to do so. They continually refuse to play top opponents and then at the end of the season hold their hands out like the hobo sitting at your local intersection. Not willing to work for it, but hoping you will give them a chance. So please, spare me the tears when America doesn’t care to put their two cents in your cup.

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